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We are now closed for the season. The museum will reopen June 1, 2024.

AGM: Friday, October 27, 2-4 pm

Museum Hall

The General Store on Bells Island, operated by Malcolm Bagget. The people of the islands would travel by land if they lived on Bells Island, or boat and dock at the wharf behind the store.

Harold Publicover’s House

John Crab’s Home.

Eric Nillsons House is now there.

What is known as Bell Island today is actually three older islands that were combined when the road through the LaHave Islands was built. The road now joins Jenkin’s Island, LaHave Island and Bell’s Island into one large island known collectively as Bell Island.

Bell Island is home to both the LaHave Islands Marine Museum (left) and

Saint John’s the Evangelists church (right).

The bridge connecting Bell’s Island to Bush Island.

Here are some other houses found on Wolfe Island. At one point there were 9 families on the Island, 2 of these homes are gone.

This was Robert Wolfe’s house, but is now occupied by Vernon Baker.

James and Jennie Himmelman's House (right). It is no longer on Wolfe Island. The building on the Left of the photo is still standing on the Island.

A Wharf found on the Island. This Wharf is similar to many others found in the area.

Originally Called Rameo Island

House of Zena and Clara Tumblin (left) and Hezekiah and Emma Tumblin (right). Three families once lived on Tumblin Island.

Picture of a sailboat anchored off of Round Island.

Also Known As L’Isle Ronde

These are small islands located near Bell Island in Bell Channel.

Obie Island was once inhabited by Obediah (Obie) Simon Himmelman, hence its name.

John Baker’s House

Eldridge Publicover traveling on his boat. Round Island can be seen in the background (circled in red) with the house on it that is no longer there.

This stretch of water between Wolfe Island and Bell’s Island is called “Wolfe Gut.”

Wolfe Island is on the right and Bell’s Island is on the left.

This picture was taken from Bell’s Island overlooking Wolfe Gut and shows Jerry Himmelman’s house.