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We are now closed for the season. The museum will reopen June 1, 2024.

AGM: Friday, October 27, 2-4 pm

Museum Hall

Saint John’s

the Evangelists Church

This former marine access church is located on the far end of Bell’s Island. It used to serve as a place of worship for Anglicans on the Islands and is now only opened on special occasions.

LaHave Island Schools

There were two schools located on the LaHave Islands in the past, one on Bush Island and one on Bell’s Island. These were one room school houses often only accessible by boat.

First inhabited by the Mi’kmaqs, the area was described by Samuel de Champlain during his 1604 voyage from France to the New World.

LaHave Islands

& Surrounding Area

LaHave Island

Marine Museum

Originally a United Methodist Marine Access church, the LaHave Island Marine Museum was opened in 1978 and is a recognized heritage property.

The West Nova Scotia Regiment and

the World Wars

Like many small communities in Canada, the LaHave Islands sent a large percentage of their population off to fight in the Great War. Over 20 men left the LaHave Islands for Europe, and with a population of only 150-200 at the time, there was no family on the islands who did not have at least one relative shipping out.