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We are now closed for the season. The museum will reopen June 1, 2024.

AGM: Friday, October 27, 2-4 pm

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Charles Walfield's House on Outer Island. The house was destroyed sometime in the 1930's. The other home that was once on the Island is gone as well.

Middle Island is located between Cabbage Island and Outer Island. It used to home to ten various families. Only four of the homes remain.

Henry “Junior” Walfield’s house

Henry Leonard Walfield’s house

Jim Tumblin’s house

Willard Baker’s house

Janet Baker and her son Ralph’s house

Henry and Mary Ann Walfield’s house

Some of the scenery found on Middle Island.

A pond found on the Island

The shoreline

Cabbage Island once housed two families, both houses are now gone.

Some scenery on Cabbage Island

The Thrum Caps are a small rocky island that has trees growing on them. No one lives there and during periods of high wind, waves will break over the rocks and will often be taller than the trees on the island.

A view between the rocks on the Thrum Caps

A view of the Thrum Caps from a boat